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I get an error "Text filter error: unknown format"

We changed the letter format with this release in preparation for some plans for next years release.

There are two causes to this error:

1) You copied your letters directly from the old 2011 documents folders to the 2012 documents folder in Windows

You copied the letters to the folder directly, so that means they are still in the old format. If you will use the Import button on the Letters screen (Tools → Letters) and select the folder with 2011’s letters, the software will convert 2011’s letters into 2012.

2) You used the early access edition

Most users will either use the new ones or import from last year and those are converted. If you were using an Early Access Edition, installing over top a prior install will not overwrite anything but the program files, so the updated letters will not get installed.

Below is link to a zip file with the new default letters, invoice and schedules. Unzip this into your documents folder. You can find this location in the Tools → System Settings screen.

You can also use these to get your firms letters ready.

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